I love making custom pieces! If you scroll down, you will find some popular products that have been custom ordered in the past. If there are any other pieces not shown below that you would be interested in customizing, let's talk! 


If you are interested in a custom piece, please message me on Etsy so we can discuss what you're looking for!


NEW! Holiday Ornaments


Tis the season! These are really becoming popular, so order your set soon. Especially if you want to receive them before the holidays!


 $15 each

4 for $55

6 for $85

8 for $105



The OGs! Seashells are the first objects I painted when I took up "dotting". One of my favorite custom order was a bride who wanted seashells painted with her wedding colors and a message on the back of each saying "Be my bridesmaid?" to give to her best friends. So cute! Shells can also be turned into ring dishes or sage holders. They make fantastic birthday gifts, Mother's Day gifts, and stocking stuffers! 


Dot Mandala shell = $45

Ring dish = $45

Vinyl Records


Vinyl/Shellac records make great (and unique!) bases to paint dot mandalas on. One of my favorite custom order of a record was a couple celebrating their 30th anniversary. They asked me to dot a vinyl record of the song they first danced to at their wedding. So sweet!


Records are normally picked at random. If there is a specific artist or song you would like, I will try my best to get it. However, I cannot guarantee I'll be able to. Varnishes will be applied to protect the paint. I'm also able to put these in shadow boxes as well to make hanging them on your wall easier and look sleeker!


7" record (45 rpm) = $60*

10" record (78 rpm) = $70*

12" record (33 1/3 rpm) = $100**

*Please add an additional $15 for shadow box

** Please add an additional $30 for shadow box

Plant Pots


Quarantine saw a surge in plant purchases (guilty. I'm on my 6th succulent.) So I started dotting pots for my new plant babies. A few other friends who dove into the plant life commissioned me to paint some new homes for their seedlings. Thus, the addiction started! Love trying all sorts of color stories on these clay pots. So don't forget to let me know what colors you would like! 

Varnish application is optional 

(both matte & gloss varnish are available)


4" pot = $45

6" pot = $60

8" pot = $80