I've been painting and creating since I was a wee little one. If I had my Crayola 64 pack, a Care Bears coloring book, and The Miami Sound Machine blaring on my cassette player, it was a damn good day. In college, I took an intro to art class which showed us a variety of techniques over the course of the semester. That's where I was introduced to pointillism. I guess I just loved the idea of all these dots coming together to create a unified image. And as someone who is obsessed with colors and also has Grapheme–color synesthesia (a neurological  phenomenon characterized by enduring and consistent involuntary associations between letter/digits and colors), getting to use all these amazing colors in my dot work made me so happy (still does!) 

Mental health and mental wellness is something that I'm very passionate about. Throughout my life, I've struggled with anxiety and depression. Recently, I went through some difficult times. And in my time of need, I found art again. I found that it helped me focus and my mind didn't overthink or overanalyze as much. "Dotting" or "dot art" has become its own form of mediation for me now. More importantly, with each dot I paint, it's become a reminder that each one of us is essential and we are all part of a bigger, beautiful picture.

So Keep Going.

Rainbow dots v2.png